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Our Training Philosophy

If the dog can have positive experience, then you will have positive results. The training approach is based on positive training methods,working to build desire and drive in your agliity dog. Foundation training using crate games, its yer choice, shaping, and other motivational games and learning techniques using the dogs natural abilities. We do not allow corrective type training including use of choke, prong, or electronic collars. Not only is it unsafe to have them on near equipment, we want to make the game fun! Each dog/handler team is worked with individually based on the dogs needs with in the class setting. Working with their goals, whether it is active agility competition, a well mannered dog at home, or working to achieve a calm, non reactive dog.

 About the Trainer and her dogs                       

With 20 plus years in dog training sports, Tina Reynolds has lived and worked with a variety of breeds in her personal agility career including Siberian Huskies, Vizslas, Golden Retrievers and Border Collies. Her first agility dog, A Siberian Husky was a joy in the ring. A confident dog, with a vast world of obedience training behind her before she started agility. Nia performed well earning her MX, MXJ with in her first year of competition, a 2 time invitee to the AKC invitational, ranking #2 Sibe in the US in 2008. Nia, was retired early in her career due to sports related injuries. With Nia's injuries, Tina went on a search for a more serious approach to properly training and preparing the dogs for a career as a professional athlete. Nia returned to the show ring in 2013 to earn her CD!

Tugger, a young powerful and energetic Vizsla has taught her the most so far. Tina explored training and methods with Tracy Sklenar, Susan Garrett, Soshanna Dos, Monique Plink, and more. Tugger brought many training opportunities to light. Tugger struggled in many environments and had social fears of people. Tugger allowed Tina to further her skils in behavior modifications as well more tools to work with anxious dogs.

Trendie, A very intelligent, hard working Bordie collie has become a very important part of Tina's life. She has excelling in her obedeince /Rally training and competition, She competes in Barn Hunt and also competed in Agility. Trendie was born with health restrictions and short , focused and fun training sessions were a must for Trendie to stay healthy. Trendie has overcome many hurdles and continues to step to the line with confidence, joy and speed in everything she does.

Tina's mentor through the years has been Tracy Sklenar Tina has had the opportunity to host mini dog skills camp with Tracy that was hugely successful and a great opportunity to learn from everyone. Tina has worked with some of the top trainers in the world including Greg Derrett, Susag Garrett, Susan Salo, Anthony Clarke , Lynda Ortin- Hill, Justine Davenport and Lori Michaels, Monique Plink and Soshana Dos and routinely attends workshops and Seminars in addition to taking a many courses through The Workshops allow Tina to learn and stay current with the leading training methods for fast amazing agility dogs. .


As a trainer, I have taught obedience and agility for 20 plus years, working with various trainers and training methods. I have incorporated what I've learned and what I've experienced first hand into my training. I have also worked closely with Danielle Basciano, certified animal behaviorist, in learning the psychology of dogs and how to work with reactive/aggressive dogs and I look forward to continually learning about these behaviors. I am continually learning new techniques expanding my knowledge in agility.

I enjoy teaching agility, obedience, and working with dogs that are socially challenged because the end result is a happy dog!

Teaching all levels of agility from Foundations to dogs working at the Masters level. Agility Handling is evolving, and we must evolve as the game gets more competitive. My approach is to maintain clear criteria and information to the dog. Consistency in the cues you give your dog on course is the key to success, but agility is not just about the sport, but is about doing something fun with your dog!

Outside of my dog training, I spent many years as a volunteer at the CNYSPCA , Learning about animals and working closely with them. I became President of the board of directors of the CNYSPCA in 2006 and enjoy being a volunteer. . I also do rescue work and fostering with Siberian Huskies and Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue . I am a member of the Syracuse Obedience Training club and have helped on many fund raising events and community events on animal related topics.

Nia, who I adopted a from the CNYSPCA as a pup and at 2 years old, decided to try out agility. We received our Masters Agility titles within 1 year of starting competition and recently attended the AKC invitational in Long Beach, CA. 

Nia at AKC 2008 Invitational

Nia Siberian Husky Round 3 akc invitational

Shianne, Vizsla, my third rescue has worked through numerous health and behavior problems and is now competing in agility. Shianne left us too early and will be missed.

Ukraine, my first foster dog with Tails of the Tundra Husky Rescue, found a special place in our hearts and continues to show her love today. 

Szeranade Tuggin' at my heart AKA:Tugger. Tugger has amazing drive and ability to learn. He is powerful on course and has taught me that my understanding of the game needs to evolve as I build a team relationship with this athletic, skilled dog

tugger first agility trial

March 26,2008. Tugger hangin' with big sis Nia at his first agility trial. He seemed like he's been going for years. Relaxin and takin' it all in

Its all about the dogs!

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