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Huge thanks to you Tina for helping give Chip the foundation skills he needed to accomplish this. It's always a pleasure to trust that he will be sitting at the start line and performing his contacts as expected every time we walk into the ring. That's HUGE TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tell everyone who will listen that foundation training is key and worth every minute.

Janine Crane

Dahlia and I have been training at Stone Hill for almost two years now. She came to us a fairly quiet, unassuming, somewhat inhibited dog and remained that way for the first two years we had her (prior to training at Stone Hill). Training in such a wonderful and positive environment with a teacher like Tina has brought out the best in both of us. We’re learning to communicate and even more than that, we’re learning to have fun! Dahlia has gained a lot of confidence, is willing to try new things more easily, she has more speed and drive and her wonderfully goofy sense of fun that we didn’t see when we first had her has emerged. I cannot thank Tina and Stone Hill enough for helping to build my girl’s confidence. She is such a happy dog now and that means the world to me!

Michelle Osborn

Tina is great with dogs and knows how best to read their level of understand of concepts and learning.She is awesome with feareful and anxious dogs and really knows how to read stress levels She isn't afraid of taking a step back and solidifying understanding for both owners and dogs.

She's helped me be able to understand the signals that my dogs are giving me so that I can make everything I do with them positive and rewarding. She's helped me grow tremendously as a competitor, dog trainer and behaviorist. My dogs are tough and have very different personalities and through her programs and mentorship I have greatly increased the bond I have with both of them and am much better for it.

-Aliza Smith

Owned by Aussies Lucy and Brodie

"First - you will not find a trainer that is more caring than Tina Eldred. She is 100% devoted to training and helping you with your dog learn agility but helping with animals in any way that she can. My papillion - Pepper has major fear issues, gets totally scared from all kinds of noises and is shy with people he does not know. She has helped me tremondously in dealing with all his issues and working with him in performing agility. I believe that agility has helped him alot .Her skills helping me with his issues and incorporating them in class, I feel has helped me in knowing how to work with Pepper in and out of class. It has been a big difference for us at home. Although we still have a ways to go with Pepper he is on is way to hopefully not being so scared. Tina works very closely with the dogs in our class and gets to know each one of them so she can know how to work with each one individually; she knows their strengths and weaknesses and uses this to help each one perform. For the most part our classes are never 45 min or 1 hr long whichever they are suppose to me. We do

not watch the clock to see if we should end in 5 mins because the next

class starts. We are not rushed and we finish our class after all has their turn.

I heard from others that their agility classes are definitely only the time frame required and they never go beyond their time frames. Not only does she care that they perform and learn agility, she is there to help you in any way you need it. She will email you or call you which ever you prefer. I am totally amazed as to how much knowledge she has with animals. I wish I knew her 2 1/2 yrs ago to help me with my pepper and his issues. I have called, emailed her and EVERY time she is there for me. I have learned so much from her that I am very grateful for all she has taught me.Oh, and another item - she has a wealth of knowledge of other people in her "circle" that can help you. Other agility teachers, obedience teachers, animal behaviorist. You can count of Tina to know what is best for your dog."

-Patti Brush and pepper

"Tina has a wonderfully casual yet structured style in agility class. Many people don't realize that teaching agility is as much about teaching the humans as it is about training the dogs, and she has a very natural way of doing both! I always feel comfortable, yet I get guidance and constructive feedback that helps both me and my dog improve. I have recommended Tina's classes to many people, and am thrilled to have her as my teacher."

Amy Wallis, Snowflake

Students: If you would like to tell the public your experiences with training with us, please email them to and I will post them on the site.

Thank you.

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