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We want to celebrate all of our students accomplishments. We are putting together some great ways to congratulate you on your achievements- Those that are not yet competing you may have some training accomplishments as well. We'd love to share.

MACH Pearl and Mary!

MACH 3 VENUS and Stephanie!

MACH Penny and Karen!

MACH QQ and Melvin!

MACH ELI and Dianne!

MACH Bodie and Stephanie!

Current Students

'Flurry' Augustus StoneHill Polar Express WC NA AXJ,AX

BNK's Remy de Grand Finale "Remy" - CD BN RE OAP OJP OFP CGC CL-1

  Aliyah's Final Messanger "TOR" RA, OA,OAJ, NF, CL1-H

Cinch- ASCA Jumpers Agility Novice STD

Phoebe - NA

CH Smak Dab's Chance Worth Taking "Chance" - MX, MXJ,XF,T2B

CH Starbright Cinema Valencia CDX RE MX MXJ MJB AXP MJP XF

Chip- AXJ, MX

Sunrise "Smudge"- CD GN RE OA AXJ NAP AJP OF CGC

High Hopes Wendy- CD, RE, GN, AX,AXJ

Sherrex's You want to Love me "Eli"- CD BN RE MX MXB NF CL-2

Rockhurst Redy to Rock N Roll "Rudy"- BN RN AX AXJ CL-1

Max- MX,MXJ,XF, CL-1, CL2-F and CL2-H

Pippa- RN, OAP, AXJP

Topflite Shooting Star "Comet" SH CDX RE MX MXJ OF

Topflite Skye's Still on Fire "Blaze" CDX JH RN, AX, MXJ,OF

Hailey- CPE- STD Level 1, OAJ, NA

Sebastian- , AXJ, AX

Xena- CPE -STD Level 1, NA, NAJ

 Rickie Boa aka Hillwood Can't Blame it on Me OAJ, OA

UKC CH StoneyAcre Livin' On A Prayer BN RN NF NA CGC


Fergi- OAJ, OA

Past students

MACH 2 Jade

Wilcox Stormy Ursus "Lacey" CGC, BN, RN,NF, OJP , AXP

Ace- AX, AXJ

Tucker- CD, RAE MACH1-

Hey Students: I know theres more Brags out there....

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