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Sad day

The past few days I've been killing myself trying to figure out why Nia is limping on her left leg.  She is scheduled for xrays next Friday, but the wait is killing me.  Well, wait no longer.  This morning as she went outside she trotted around with the dogs and I saw that she was now holding the leg.  I found nothing when I checked her out, but hey, I'm not a vet. 


The day went on and Nia didnt put that leg down once nor did she do anything but lay around so I thought it was time to take her to the emergency center.  Sure enough, she has a full ACL tear.  This poor dog can't catch a break.


When Aaron hugged me and said, "I'm sorry" and that she won't do agility again, That's when it hit me.  Although I've always hoped for the best and want to get her back in the ring, the reailty is, she will never get that last run pain free.  Nia loved agility and she is officially retired. 


There is nothing like your first agility dog, the one that teaches you so much.  I'm just glad that she is still around and its just a knee.  Surgery date hopefully soon. 


I want to thank all that have already shown their support and are keeping my spirits up.  I'll surely be calling on all my practitioners, reiki, accupuncture and therapists in the next few months so that we can get this girl atleast feeling as close to 100% as possible.

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