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Multiple personalities

It's Friday!  While many folks are showing this weekend (and good luck to all!)  I am hoping to get a little more training time in.   I must say that the baby dog hasn't gotten a lot of attention in terms of agility.  Don't worry, he always gets attention, but we haven't done much equipment the last few weeks. 


Our main focus has been our recall and distraction work.  Last night was yet another night of "ah ha" for the boy.  Working on jumps was important, but setting up on the line and when we finished an exercise his ability to stay with me instead of leaving me to see his favorite auntie was much more important.  As with any agility dog, the equipment is the easy part.  Dogs naturally like to run through things and jump over or on stuff, but can your dog stay focused?


Things are really starting to come together with Tug and we had a GREAT training session!  I've decided his older sister Shianne was in need of some attention.   So she has begun her journey back into agility.  No guaranties with this girly, but fun is a priority for us.   I'm always amazed by the differences in each dog.  Finding a way to bring out the best of each dog and working with their personality is important as a trainer.  Mastering how to enhance what you already have and bring out what you know is inside is very rewarding.   Shianne and my first goal is no Zooming!  She is so excited to come out and play, she goes into an over aroused state.  It will be my challenge to help channel that energy.  So, if you see me walking around like a zombie- It's probably because Shianne just gave me a good run. 


Thank you to all that have responded about Nia.   She is doing well and slated for surgery on Wed.  I'm sure she will do well as long as I staple her to the floor for the next 3 months.  If anyone has ideas on how to keep a Siberian Husky happy for 3 months being crated and no walks, PLEASE post!


Enjoy your weekend!!

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