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So I guess I wasn't quite over my "bang head here" moment since I'm just getting back to the blog today.  Really, it was because I've been spending so much time training.  Not on equipment, but working on all the behaviors I desire from Tugger.  Being a bird dog and a dog that isn't know to work close to a human, there are certain challenges I will face.  But, I will not allow the fact that my dog is this breed or that breed limit my expectations.  SIberian Huskies are certainly not known for their agility abilities, but Nia has proven to be a great teammate over the past few years.



So, getting back to my "bang head here" moment.  I had taken Tug to the school to train in a new environment.  They recently added a new building and relanscaped so there is an area with a small pond type area.  This area must of had 30 geese at least hanging out.  Bird dog remember......  So first what a great opportunity to place some Its yer choice.  He was great!  He got a little sticky in his behaviors, but we worked through.  Next on lead I released him to "go play".  For him, that is permission to mill about, sniff and do whatever. I threw in a recall.  Yup, totally ignored me.  So, we moved farther away from the reinforcement.  Only took once.  We had great recalls after that.   I got a little greedy and decided to get the camera.   What beautiful pics I was taking of him by the water and acting on his natural instinct while staying close to me. And then it happened.  A few birds took flight and Tug was gone faster than I could spit out the word.   There were 2 footballs fields where he headed AND a major road not far away.  When I lost sight of him I was in a panic.   So, these types of stories usually have this great ending.  All my recall work paid off and Tug came when I called.  Hell no!  Actually, I didn't even call.  I did give a whistle that usually he responds too. 


When I finally found him, the geese were gone, but 2 seagulls were occupying him.  I was able to gather him up, place him in his crate and go home.


The unfortunate part is now that he was so HIGHLY reinforced for what I've been working so hard against, I have some work to do.  BANG HEAD HERE! 



But, it was a good lesson to learn and we will continue on our training.....




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