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Online Training

You can now get help at home training your dog. On line training ( scroll down for more info) options available to help with behaviors you desire from your dog including building drive in your dog, recall training, contact and weave pole training and other training needs you may have. To set up a personalized training program please email me at

What now?

For students that need a little guidance with weekly/daily/monthly training. Do you need ideas on what to work on? Do you need help planning you training schedule? Or maybe you are stuck, not sure what comes next. This training is tailored to the individual team to assist with general training of what now?

Start date: Email if interested. Runs for 2 weeks


Agility Fix it!

For teams that are looking for some additional training with the perks of working at your own pace and at home. This Fix-ers class is for teams that have developed some trouble spots in their training or teams that may need extra guidance on skills they are currently working. This class is also for anyone that may have missed the foundations for agility or are dealing with some trial issues. The class is tailored to the individual needs of the team. We will cover anything from handling issues to focus issues, start line stays, contacts, weaves, drive/speed or anything that YOU need. Each program set for the team will include weekly assignments including written directions and video demo. Participants have unlimited use of the instructors to post video and ask questions during the 6 week course. Video are not required for you to take this class. The instructor will guide you throw the steps and skills you need, provide feed back, fixes and next steps.

Start date: Email if interested. Runs for 3 weeks


Online class training

For those weeks where you can't make it to class but want to continue with the class programs. This will cover 1 full session of classes. please email before purchasing here.

Training Booklets!

PDF e booklets now available to give you more resources for training at home. 

Foundations E-book

35 Pages of detailed exercises to teach your dog the foundations of agility. This booklet contains important concepts and motivational training exercises to build your dogs understanding of handling in agility. A training journal also included to keep track of your training sessions. $15

 Training the "Hard Wired" dog

This book is a great resource for working with dogs that have specific traits/instincts that may or may not benefit you in agility. Many of the concepts relate to any breed, but the focus is how to utilize what your dog does best and incorporate it into your agility training. The book will include specific training exercises along with stories of personal experience that you can relate to! This book will get the ideas flowing and allow you to be part of the training experience building a better dog trainer out of you! PDF format and downloadable.


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