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Check out what's happening in the world of agility

5/17/2010: AKC posts new regulations for Agility. Here is the link and some highlights.

Here are some highlights:

EFFECTIVE 9/1/2010:

- A-frame will be set to a height of 5'0" (+/- 1 inch) for 4" and 8" dogs.

- Clubs must provide a 3 lb weight and a stopwatch to check to see if whenplaced 12 inches from the raised end of the teeter that it falls to the ground in 3 seconds or less. The judge will be required to test the teeter

at the start of a weekend's trials, and clubs must have on hand materials to correct a teeter that is slow to drop (weights, duct tape, etc).

- The inside barrel of the chute must have a non-slip surface that extends up the sidewalls to half the height of the barrel.

- Dogs at all levels are allowed 3 attempts at the weave poles, and then must go on. If the dog pops out in the middle of the poles, you must reattempt from the start of the weave poles, and not stick them in where

they popped out.

- A bar jump may replace the panel jump in case of windy conditions.

- The tire jump height will be set at 4" lower than the bar jump height, or as close as possible, given the construction of the tire (i.e., for 4" preferred dogs, they will still have to jump the tire - we don't have a 0"


- 180 degree turns from the exit of an open tunnel to the ascent of the A-frame is not allowed.

- A-frame (not new) and dogwalk (new!) UP contacts will not be judged.

- If a dog gets tangled up in the chute, gets hung up on the tire, or falls off the ascent of any contact obstacle, then handler has the choice to reattempt the obstacle immediately once and then leave the course. Alternatively, the

handler can not retry the obstacle and continue running the course.

- 24" dogs will now have a longer standard course time than the 20" dogs (YPS is less).

Pause table- The judges count will start once all 4 paws have hit the table (no sit or down required)

EFFECTIVE 7/1/2011:

- No more multipliers for MACH points.

EFFECTIVE 1/1/2012:

- Weave poles will be spaced 24" apart.

- Double bar jump for 4" dogs will be 2 bars set 2-4 inches apart.

- Triple bar jump for 4" dogs will be the first bar about 4" in front of the back bar, which will be set at 4". The third bar may be set on the ground under the back bar, or removed.

- Time to Beat (T2B) may be offered. In order to earn the T2B title, a dog

must earn 100 points and 15 Qs. Points are earned on a sliding scale in

each jump height that depends on the time of the fastest competing dog in

that height. Once a T2B title is earned, the number of Qs and points are

reset to 0.

EFFECTIVE 7/1/2012:

- Lots of new Lifetime Masters titles, including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Century titles for each Ex B class.

EFFECTIVE 1/1/2013:

- A PACH title is offered, with the same requirements as the MACH except for dogs competing in the preferred class.

1/17/10 AKC to allow Mixed breeds in Agility, Obedience, and Rally. As of April 1, mixed breeds will be able to compete in AKC. After imput from Breed clubs, pet owners and long discussions, it was decided on 1/11/10 that mixed breeds will NOT compete seperately. They will go head to head with Purebred dogs for some exciting competition!

12/18/09- UKAgility Is coming across the pond!

After six years of growing in the UK market, UK Agility (started by Greg

and Laura Derrett) has decided to respond to inquiries about bringing UK

Agility across the pond.

Clean Run is excited to announce that venue -- UK Agility International
-- is available in the U.S. for 2010.

Some of the features of UK Agility International:

* 5 Jump Heights

* 2 separate programs

* Points system for progression

* Training rounds allowed - with a toy!

* No up contacts judged!

* Nursery classes for debuting dogs

* Next day move ups

* Friendly equipment specs, 5'7" A-frame, no triple jump

* Free personal online account for record keeping

* Transfer to UKI at current competing level

* WE listen, yearly competitor surveys

* Online entries

* And much more

Go to to see what they are all about; how you and

your dog can compete & how your club or group can run a UKI event.

9/8/09 -The new committee recommendations for Agility have been posted. Check out what the AKC is thinking about

AKC Announces New Program for Mixed Breeds

[Tuesday, April 14, 2009] New York, NY – For the past 125 years, the American Kennel Club® has been the nation's premier advocate for dogs and the people who love them. The AKC's Board of Directors has voted unanimously to proceed with a program for mixed breed dogs which will allow it to act even more broadly and effectively as the dog's champion. The creation of this program ushers in new opportunities for AKC's constituents and clubs and will allow the organization to grow and flourish. "Our goal in creating a program specifically designed for mixed breeds is to share our passion for dogs and our sport," said AKC President and CEO Dennis Sprung. "AKC will broaden its legislative influence by representing more dog owners and achieve greater exposure for our responsible dog ownership messaging. But ultimately, the positive developments that this program creates will benefit dogs the most, and this is what we value above all."The mixed breeds program will be implemented in three phases. As of October 1, 2009 owners can begin enrolling their pets and receive an AKC ID number. Then beginning April 1, 2010 enrolled dogs will be eligible to compete in mixed breed classes at stand-alone AKC Agility, Obedience and Rally events. Soon after they will have access to benefits such as discounted AKC Companion Animal Recovery Lost and Found service, a free AKC Canine Good Citizen® certificate for dogs passing the CGC test, a free initial veterinary visit, a trial offer of pet health insurance and discounted coupons for dog supplies. The third phase will offer a dedicated Web site where dog owners can interact via an online community with discussion forums and access dog care video downloads, advice from experts and the most up-to-date news on canine health and welfare. The site will be continually enhanced with new features and benefits in order to respond to the changing needs of pet owners. This new AKC initiative is the first designed to specifically benefit mixed breed dogs and their dog owners, however the AKC has long included mixed breeds in programs such as AKC Canine Good Citizen®, AKC S.T.A.R. Puppysm, AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day and the AKC CAR Canine Support and Relief Fund's disaster relief efforts. In addition, AKC has always actively advocated for the rights of all dog owners and the welfare of dogs through its Government Relations efforts and serves dog owners through its affiliate organizations such as the AKC Humane Fund, AKC Canine Health Foundation and AKC Companion Animal Recovery. For more information about the AKC's mixed breeds program, visit

The Triple Q

new FAST title, effective January 1, 2010, was added to the AKC Regulations for Agility Trials. The addition of this title is to encourage exhibitors to continue exhibiting their dogs past the Master FAST titles and help clubs to increase their agility entries.

Triple Q Excellent = TQX. In order to acquire the Triple Q Excellent Title, a dog must receive 10 triple qualifying scores obtained from the Excellent B Standard Agility Class, the

Excellent B Jumpers With Weaves Agility Class and the Excellent B FAST Agility Class on the same day.

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