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Foundations- Puppies and adult dogs starting agility. Motivational games and reinforcement based training to teach your dog everything they need to be a driven agility dog!

Jump training- Just because your dog CAN jump, doesn't mean they know how. Teach your dog how to be an efficient jumper! In addition to learning how to jump, all handling skills are taught start to finish with out needing a ton of equipment!

Contacts and weave poles- Solid Contacts and weave pole training. 2x2 weave pole training along with a series of 'games' played to teach contacts.

Novice and Pre- Competition- Teaching the dogs to 'put it all together' and preparing the dogs for their first agility show with distractions

Open/Masters/International- Taking your training to the next level. Whether you compete locally or on a world team, you will be prepared for any course you run!

Need extra help?                                                    Can't find time to get to class?

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